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To begin Buy Glo carts Online now, platinum OG is a super-strong relative of OG Kush, Master Kush, and an obscure parent. THC levels effectively top 20% and have purportedly arrived at 24% in certain tests. This indica-predominant mixture has a sativa/indica proportion of 25/75, and that is reflects in the generally physical high. Buy glo extracts platinum og online now you can also buy the best glo carts flavors from the best and most trusted glocarts shop website on the web now at


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Furthermore, the ground-breaking impacts incorporate a quieting body buzz with love seat lock, rapture, bliss, and extraordinary drowsiness. This makes Platinum OG a decent medicine for insomnia.

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In addition, as well as anxiety, low mind-set, ADHD, irritation, headache cerebral pains, mind-set swings, and muscle fits. CBD levels are exceptionally low, under 1%, which we expect, considering the high THC content. As it were, this strain shouldn’t be utilized as sole treatment for seizures or different problems that require CBD.

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Lastly, platinum OG produces a smell of diesel, zest, and espresso; the flavor is comparable, with extra traces of spice. The bud is lime green and canvassed in fluffy trichome hairs. Dry mouth is by a wide margin the most ordinarily refered to result with this strain, however dry eyes, unsteadiness, and distrustfulness are likewise announced. It sells best on the West Coast, in Colorado, and in Arizona.


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