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Firstly, Do you want to Buy Glo Extracts Space Candy? This is a uniformly balance crossover (half indica/half sativa) strain made through a cross of the classic Space Queen X Cotton Candy strains. This bud may be difficult to find in the event that you live anyplace past Colorado, however is unquestionably an extraordinary decision for any client who adores a sweet tasting smoke and even impacts.

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Like the name proposes, Space Candy has an incredible taste of sweet apple candy. With traces of cherry and fruity berries upon each smooth breathe out. The smell is somewhat unique, with a gritty hint that is complemented by sweet touch of nuttiness.

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Furthermore, space Candy buds have small and piecey light forest green nugs with bright orange hairs and a sticky coating of resin topped with oversized chunky amber trichomes. The Space Candy high is definitely one to remember. With an uplifted nature that’s perfect for getting you in the mood for social situations that may otherwise be stressful.

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In conclusion, you’ll feel happy and motivated with a talkative tendency that can escalate. Then leave you super giggly and bound to fits of uncontrollable laughter. Because of these effects and its high 18-22% THC level, Space Candy is said to be perfect for treating conditions such as seizures, nausea, depression, and chronic stress. Buy Glo Extract Space Candy Online now at 


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